Update: April 22, 2020 This post as it stands is pretty outdated, though I currently don’t have the time to fix that. Read this comment for an idea of how things are at the moment: TL;DR: Go checkout this project for the latest kernel: Update: July 23, 2019 I came back to this after a hiatus, and finally finished a relevant install of Linux on my Surface 3. I abandoned the effort to use Arch Linux, opting instead to try ElementaryOS since the main purpose of this device will be for some children to use during long car rides.

This post is not about technology, computer science, or programming. Instead it’s a call back to my time as an LDS missionary in Paraguay. During my time there, I came across a talk given by an Elder Lawrence Corbridge that I really enjoyed. Some friends of mine were asking about it, and I wanted to make a copy in English and Spanish easily accessible. Please find the links to copies below.

If you want to send a simple fax quickly, cheaply, and painlessly, Phaxio and Python make a nice combo. Below is a litte script that I wrote, based on this Ruby script by Pete Keen that is slightly out of date. There are Phaxios Python libraries, but I ran into a couple issues, and this seems to be the most brain-dead simple solution. Pros: No external dependencies. Cons: It uses the shell=True parameter for subprocess.

As a computer science graduate student at Brigham Young University, I am taking CS 677: Bayesian Methods in Computer Science, which covers some aspects of using probability within computer science, as you probably guessed from its title. The required textbook for the course is Morris DeGroot’s 4th edition of Probability and Statistics, which at the time of writing this post is selling for about $170 new, $112 used on Between being a graduate student and having a family of my own, I am not exactly swimming in funds for expensive textbooks, and my classmates had already checked out all of the available copies at the excellent Harold B.

Lately, I’ve been looking around for another domain name that’s a little shorter and more flexible than My purposes for that can be explained another time, but I have been trying to search domain names that have top-level domains (the .com part of, for example) that are shorter in length, alongside some other attributes. There are a number of good tools to use for searching for available domain names, but I have not found any that allow for searching by the length of top-level domain.

This past semester, I had the chance to take two courses: Statistical Machine Learning from a Probabilistic Perspective (it’s a bit of a mouthful) and Big Data Science & Capstone. In the former, we had the chance to study the breadth of various statistical machine learning algorithms and processes that have flourished in recent years. This included a number of different topics ranging from Gaussian Mixture Models to Latent Dirichlet Allocation.

Note: As of February 2018, the repo for this website is public, so I moved the comments to the same repo instead of using a separate project for them. When I created a blog to have a place to write and document things, as well as complete a class requirement for CS 404, there were properties that I wanted it to have. I wanted it to be simple, to be hosted on a reputable platform, to be under my control, and to perform well.

September 4, 2015

I spent two years in South America where I served as a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Asunción, Paraguay My missionary service in Paraguay has been one of the defining experiences in my life. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have met some amazing people and share a message that means the world to me. Below are some albums from different areas where I resided over the course of my two year mission.

September 3, 2015

After 7 years in scouting, I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. My project consisted of removing an existing flagpole that was too small and installing a custom made one that was twice as large. The flagpole sits adjacent to a memorial to fallen aerial firefighters outside of the Porterville Air Attack Base in Porterville, California. An album of the project and a small article from the local newspaper about the project may be viewed at the following links:

September 2, 2015

Update as of November 2018: I’ve since moved to, just keeping this around for sentiment’s sake. While most definitely not the first or the last, hopefully this is a seminal moment for my own personal site. I hope to stay with after putting my wife through the torment of having me decide which of several domain names to settle on. I thought would be a nice little domain hack of my first name and initials, but it proved to be fairly confusing, as most people had no idea what the ‘.