Hello World

Update as of November 2018: I’ve since moved to https://sean.lane.sh, just keeping this around for sentiment’s sake.

While most definitely not the first or the last, hopefully this is a seminal moment for my own personal site. I hope to stay with seanlane.net after putting my wife through the torment of having me decide which of several domain names to settle on.

I thought sean.tl would be a nice little domain hack of my first name and initials, but it proved to be fairly confusing, as most people had no idea what the ‘.tl’ was supposed to go with. Of course, all of the sean.* domains that make more sense have been taken, and seanlane.com is devoted to a redirect to a concert scheduling site of some sort for a musician that shares both my given and last names. But I was pretty happy to find this domain, and it seems to be working just fine.

In any case, I am using Github Pages to host this with a nice little Jekyll theme from JekyllNow.com since I need this to be up and running for a class I am taking this semester. Maybe I can see if there is anything more elegant I can do with it later, but this is more than enough for the time being.