Congratulations, you found my wishlist! The purpose of this page is two-fold:

  1. To remember things I need/want to get
  2. To help family members with gift ideas, which I have been told can be somewhat difficult for me

Note that the links or the models given are for pictures / specifying the model, or rather to give the general idea or impression of what I had in mind. It doesn’t mean I’m looking for that specific thing, and I wouldn’t refuse something bought elsewhere, of course. Aside from grouping by sections, there is not much importance given to order. The items are generally listed in the order added to this list within their specific groups. Items that are crossed out have already been attained and are left for future ideas :).


  • Hard to go wrong with apparel or stuff for either BYU, the Dodgers, or the 49ers, in that order.
  • IKEA Gooseneck Lamp
    • Having a normal desk lamp has been a bit of a cramp on my mega desk. This addition would make the mega desk one step closer to workstation heaven.

Technology / Electronics

  • Webcam of some sort
  • Need good USB Flash drives, I’m down to just one
  • Blu-Ray Player of some sort (Something with wired internet connect + Netflix capability so I can retire my PS3)

Movies / Media




Technology Books